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Ampérometrický biosenzor pre rýchle stanovenie albumínu v moči

Title in English Amperometric Biosensor for Rapid Determination of Albumin in the Urine


Type Conference abstract
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Central European Institute of Technology

Description This work presents the development of an amperometric biosensor for the rapid determination of clinically relevant concentrations of human serum albumin in the urine, whose increased concentration indicates nephropathy. This simple method is characterized by a short analysis time, low cost of determination, possibility of miniaturization, automatization and point of care analysis. The assay was performed by using various methods of immobilization the antibody to screen-printed electrodes by means of mixed and flow-through configuration. By immobilizing the antibody via cysteamine and glutaraldehyde in a mixed analysis, a detection limit of 10 ng ml–1 was reached, allowing the determination of human serum albumin in the urine.
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