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Electrochemical determination of insulin on NiONPS modified carbon electrodes



Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference XIX. Workshop of Biophysical Chemists and Electrochemists
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Insulin; diabetes mellitus; NiONPS/chitosan-MWCNTs/SPCE; cyclic voltammetry; real samples
Description Diabetes mellitus can be considered as the one of the most widespread disease in the world [1]. Thus a construction of highly sensitive, small, rapid, selective, accurate and cost-effective electrochemical sensor for glucose or insulin determination is called for [2]. This work deals with electrochemical determination of insulin on nanomodified screen printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs). Mentioned electrodes have significantly smaller size of working electrode (4 mm in diameter) compared to classic electrodes, achieving miniaturization of the system. SPCEs were modified by combination of multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), chitosan and nickel oxide nanoparticles (NiONPs). NiONPs were used because of high electrical conductivity, low cost and excellent catalytic activity towards insulin oxidation because of the presence of NiO(OH) active species formed in alkaline solution. The correlation coefficient, limit of detection and sensitivity of prepared electrode was determined and compared to unmodified SPCE. NiONPs/chitosan-MWCNTs/SPCE displayed wide linear concentration range for insulin determination (0.25 uM – 0.5 uM) with R2 = 0.997, low limit of detection (94 nm) and excellent sensitivity of 0.021 uA/uM. Having in mind the possible interaction of substances that can be contained in real samples, the influence of interferences (sucrose, glucose, ascorbic acid and lactic acid) on insulin determination at NiONPs/chitosan-MWCNTs/SPCE was studied. The cyclic voltammograms of above mentioned compounds did not show any measurable interference in insulin detection. Due to the small size and appropriate analytical characteristics, NiONPs/chitosan-MWCNTs/SPCE can be considered as the suitable candidate for electrochemical determination of insulin in real samples.

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