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Sobě ke cti, umění ke slávě. Čtyři století uměleckého sběratelství v českých zemích

Title in English For One's Honour, For Art's Glory. Four centuries of art collecting in Czech lands


Type Editorship of scientific publication
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Faculty of Arts

Description The colorfully narrative publication, in both the word and image, in an accessible form, represents both the well-known and lesser-known historical art collections originated in our territory, their owners, focus, as well as subsequent, often very dramatic and little-known fates. It commemorates the names of Mannerist and Baroque aristocratic collectors (Rudolf II., The Czernin family), art lovers from the 19th-century bourgeoisie circles, as well as famous collectors connected with modern art such as Vincenc Kramář, Emanuel Hloupý, František Čeřovský or Josef Sudek and many others. The works of art, which we often know from museum and gallery exhibitions or castles and chateaus, are placed here in the context of their original historical belonging to collections or collectors whose lives were once part of them, as well as to the context of their current collections. The main aim of the book is to revive in our environment interest in the historical circumstances of the origin and subsequent life of works of art of old and modern art, whose stories often form a remarkable part of our own past. The publication, led by the author duo, Marcela Rusinko (Richard Fremund, 2014 or Snad nesbíráte obrazy?, 2018) and Vít Vlnas (Jan Nepomucký, Česká legenda, 1993 or Princ Evžen Savojský, 2001), participated in more than a dozen of our leading art historians.