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Moderní analýza biologických dat. 3. díl. Nelineární modely v prostředí R

Title in English Modern Analysis of Biological Data. 3. Non-Linear Models in R

PEKÁR Stanislav BRABEC Marek

Year of publication 2019
Type Monograph
Description This book adds up to the first two parts of Modern Analysis of Biological Data series and presents selected nonlinear regression models and methods. The text of the book is a practical guide to data analysis in the environment of one of the most comprehensive statistical tools, the R software. It consists of 19 commented examples that were chosen to show correct statistical model building and to point out problems and errors that may occur during data analysis. The text is written in a simple language, comprehensible to the reader without special mathematical background. The book is intended primarily for students and researchers of biological, but also agricultural, veterinary, medical and pharmaceutical sciences who need to apply non-linear models to their data coming from observations or experiments.