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Aktivita klíšťat Ixodes ricinus v lokalitě Brno – Líšeň

Title in English Activity of Ixodes ricinus tick in Brno – Líšeň


Year of publication 2019
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Faculty of Science

Description Ticks are carriers of various zoonotic diseases. Monitoring of the occurrence of these small arthropods is therefore a relatively important tool of prevention. This lecture focuses on the occurrence of ticks of the species Ixodes ricinus between May 2017 and April 2018 in Brno - Líšeň, specifically in Staré Zámky. This site is popular for walks and walking dogs, while there live a large number of birds and small mammals, which serve as reservoirs of various zoonotic diseases. There is a bright forest, a drying stream and a pedestrian path with leaf litter. Typical species include Acer campestre, Acer pseudoplatanoides and Alliaria petiolata. The site is located 325 meters above sea level. The monitoring was carried out by the method of flagging once a week at a precisely specified time, there were 197 ticks caught, the most represented developmental stage were nymphs (74). The critical months are April and May, when over 60 ticks were caught during the whole month. In this locality, the dependence of the number of captured ticks on temperature was proved, the dependence on humidity was not proved.