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Modeling the Shape of Tusks of Wild Boars (Sus scropha L.)



Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Matematika, informační technologie a aplikované vědy (MITAV 2020)
Keywords wild boar, tusk, nonlinear optimization
Description The paper aims to analyse the shape of wild boars tusks, which are apparently curved. The samples of tusks from hunted individuals were collected and compared with several models of spirals and the ellipse as a complementary curve. The fitting of the shape was solved via nonlinear optimization in SAS/STAT software using the trust region method. Except one the rest of the samples did not form the whole screw-thread. In these cases, both the logarithmic spiral and the ellipse were chosen as the best fitting curves. One extra sample with almost whole screw-thread shows the logarithmic spiral as the best choice for fitting the shape of tusks.
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