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Společenstvo vysokých ostřic s dominantní Carex buxbaumii na Hrabanovské černavě

Title in English Tall-sedge community dominated by Carex buxbaumii at Hrabanovská černava Fen (Elbe River Basin, Central Bohemia)


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Muzeum a současnost, ser. natur.
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Faculty of Science

Keywords calcareous fen; rare species; relict, syntaxonomy; tall sedge; vegetation classification
Description Carex buxbaumii is an interesting species of the Czech flora. Similarly to other parts of Central Europe, it is a rare species, preferring calcareous fens and open-canopy alder carrs, often at sites where its relict survival from older periods may be assumed. A rich population at Hrabanovská černava Fen is a unique one, as the sedge is a vegetation dominant at several places. Our goal was to examine whether these stands may be identified as the Caricetum buxbaumii Issler 1932 association, which has not been reported from the Czech Republic before. By comparison with literature data, especially with Issler’s type relevés and the new phytosociological synthesis of the class Phragmito-Magno-Caricetea at the European scale, we have shown that our stands have similar species composition and should be classified within the mesotrophic tall-sedge vegetation of the Magno-Caricion elatae alliance. However, the classification as a separate association is not clear-cut. On the one hand, Carex buxbaumii may form a significant dominant of stands and carries information on the distant history of the site. At the same time, its representation fluctuates significantly year-on-year, probably depending on site moisture, and the overall species composition of the stands is similar to some other associations of the Magno-Caricion elatae alliance. The appropriate syntaxonomic solution thus depends on the classification criteria chosen. Nevertheless, this association is accepted in the new European phytosociological synthesis and one of our relevés meets its formal definition.

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