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Solitérní mužský hrob kultury se šňůrovou keramikou ze Smržic na Prostějovsku

Title in English Solitary male grave of Corded Ware culture from Smržice, Prostějov region


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Pravěk Nová řada
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Faculty of Science

Keywords Moravian Corded Ware culture; solitary grave; jug of Dřevohostice type; landscape dominant
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Description The paper represents the discovery of a solitary Corded Ware culture rich male grave with a complete equipment set (7 vessels, axe and battle-axe, a piece of raw stone material, a boar tusk pendants and a decayed copper object) in the course of the 2019 rescue research. It is dated between the early and middle stages of local development of Moravian Corded Ware culture (IIIa/b), mainly based on the presence of a pair of newly earmarked variety of Dřevohostice-type jugs (CD1/2, variant Určice). Interesting is the dominant position of the grave on the plateau of a prominent terrain ridge with a spectacular view of the landscape, to which we find parallels in the nearby surroundings (Dobrochov, Vřesovice). Gradually, it turns out that we are able to single out a category of isolated, large, richly equipped male burials, or small barrow cemeteries, with the dominance of the male element on clearly exposed landscape dominoes, as part of the local development of the Moravian Corded Ware culture. This allocation is certainly not random, and was presumably intended to highlight and underscore personal social status and importance of burials of society‘s leading representatives.

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