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Vznik Československa a převzetí rakousko-uherského státního dluhu

Title in English The creation of Czechoslovakia and the assumption of the Austro-Hungarian state debt


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference COFOLA 2019 Část VIII. Peníze a dluh
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Law

Web Open access sborníku
Keywords Czechoslovakia; Austro-Hungarian State Debt; Saintgermain Peace Treaty; Trianon Peace Treaty; Secured Debt; Unsecured Debt
Description In this paper, the author deals with the relationship of Austrian-Hungarian monetary obligations tothe establishment of anindependent Czechoslovakia. The state debt of the former monarchy and the financial clauses of peace treaties governing the handling of this debt after the break-up of AustriaHungary are analyzed in this issue. Specifically, the author focuses on the secured and unsecured Austro-Hungarian pre-war debt and the principles under which this debt was divided among the cessionary states.
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