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Jugoslavenstvo Srđe Popovića kao temelj suvremenog promišljanja jedne naizgled umirovljene ideje

Title in English Yugoslavism of Srđa Popović As a Ground of the Contemporary Deliberation on a Seemingly Retired Idea


Year of publication 2021
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Faculty of Arts

Description When the Yugoslav project spectacularly collapsed at the end of the 20th century, it seemed that the Yugoslav idea has been forever discarded on the ash heap of history. Yet, during the second decade of the new millenium, several essays and studies had come out by Croatian and Slovenian journalists and scholars such as Dragan Markovina, Vjekoslav Perica, Mitja Velikonja and Tanja Petrović, who in their texts do not reflect on Yugoslavism as a national or state ideology, but as a subversive strategy pointed at the dominant nationalist cultural model in the post-Yugoslav countries. I regard a journalist and author Viktor Ivančić – a one-time editor-in-chief of a cult Split weekly “Feral Tribune”, which was the most significant dissident paper in Croatia of the 1990s – to be the originator of the contemporary reconceptualization of Yugoslavism. However, while reading his essay “Yugoslavia and Betrayal” (2015) one can readily notice that Ivančić’s understanding of Yugoslavism is grounded in similar principles and stances as the ones that, according to the author’s analysis, marked varied activities of a renowned Belgrade lawyer and human rights champion Srđa Popović (1937–2013). The aim of this paper is to present Popović’s Yugoslavism and its interpretation by Viktor Ivančić as a principal ground of the contemporary deliberations on the Yugoslav idea.
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