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Detection of Low-Energy X-rays Using YSO Scintillation Crystal Arrays for GRB Experiments


KIM Minbin ŘÍPA Jakub PARK Il H. BOGOMOLOV Vitaly BRANDT Soren BUDTZ-JORGENSEN Carl CASTRO-TIRADO Alberto J. CHANG Sheng-Hsiung CHANG Yenyun CHEN Chia Ray CHEN C.-W. CHEN Pisin CONNELL Paul EYLES Chris GAIKOV Georgii HONG Gihan HUANG Jian Jung HUANG Ming-Huey Alfred JEONG Soomin KIM Jieun LEE Jik LIM Heuijin LIN Chih-Yang LIU Tsung-Che NAM Jiwoo PANASYUK Mikhail PETROV Vasily REGLERO Victor RODRIGO Juana M. SVERTILOV Sergey VEDENKIN Nikolay WANG Ming Zu YASHIN Ivan

Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Universe
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Faculty of Science

Keywords gamma-ray burst; YSO; UBAT; UFFO
Description We developed an X-ray detector using 36 arrays, each consisting of a 64-pixellated yttrium oxyorthosilicate (YSO) scintillation crystal and a 64-channel multi-anode photomultiplier tube. The X-ray detector was designed to detect X-rays with energies lower than 10 keV, primarily with the aim of localizing gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). YSO crystals have no intrinsic background, which is advantageous for increasing low-energy sensitivity. The fabricated detector was integrated into UBAT, the payload of the Ultra-Fast Flash Observatory (UFFO)/Lomonosov for GRB observation. The UFFO was successfully operated in space in a low-Earth orbit. In this paper, we present the responses of the X-ray detector of the UBAT engineering model identical to the flight model, using 241Am and 55Fe radioactive sources and an Amptek X-ray tube. We found that the X-ray detector can measure energies lower than 5 keV. As such, we expect YSO crystals to be good candidates for the X-ray detector materials for future GRB missions.
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