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Meze Darwinismu

Title in English Limits to Darwinism


Year of publication 2020
Type Monograph
Description This book is an attempt at a comprehensive assessment of today's Darwinism ("Synthetic Theories of Evolution"). At school, we were taught that natural selection is the basic, in fact, the only creative force of evolution from bacteria to humans. The book shows that it was and still is a worldview manipulation that pretends to be an irreversible scientific result. Today, no reasonable person denies the important role of natural selection in evolution. However, it is necessary to draw attention to the latest developments in evolutionary biology, which raise the structural principles of the construction of organisms, which are internal to organisms and function independently of environmental conditions. An essential addition to Synthetic Theory is also the modern science of "the evolution of individual development." Modeling of self-organizational processes on computers is not left behind either. The book describes these innovations in detail, but its original contribution lies in the fact that it brings to the evolutionary scene the ability of organisms to experience, their consciousness in a broad sense. Consciousness falls into a different category than the processes accessible to biological methods, and therefore it is not possible to prove that consciousness is an adaptation to environmental conditions: a Darwinist world could exist without pleasure and misery, the basic coordinates of life. Darwinism is not untrue in its field, but its horizon has limits: natural selection is not a sovereign explanation of the secrets of life.

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