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Česká deminutiva: korpusová studie

Title in English Czech Diminutives: A Corpus Study

KÁŇA Tomáš

Year of publication 2022
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Education

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Description Diminutives belong among linguists, teachers, student and even journalists to the most popular linguistic phenomena. In general, it can be said that just as there is a correlation between the morphological language type and the occurrence of diminutives, so there is also an interaction between the language type and the attention paid to diminutives: Analytic languages form diminutives less frequently, consequently grammar books of these languages usually ignore this feature. Synthetic languages, on the other hand, rich in morphological forms, build and use (fake) diminutives to such an extent that they have become the true image of these languages – as in the case of Slavonic languages. Nevertheless, one of the research results presented in this book proves that "real" diminutives in Czech (Slavic language) are not so common as used to be said and that the pragmatic usage of diminutives is generally quite limited. Extensive research in the literature on diminutives in several languages indicates at least two problematic points: First the perception of this category is quite broad and far from a canonical description. Second, almost all studies on diminutives are based on language introspection and make only very limited use of authentic material. For these reasons it was necessary to undertake a thorough revision of the definition of a diminutive based on voluminous linguistic material and to describe all functions of diminutive forms. This book describes Czech diminutive forms of all parts of speech and shows possible equivalents in German, English and punctually in other languages based on authentic language material, mainly on data of parallel corpora.

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