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The Endangered Ancient Cultural Landscape Heritage in Moravian Plains



Year of publication 2023
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Geographia Cassoviensis
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Faculty of Education

Keywords ancient cultural pre-industrial landscape, preservation levels, territorial distribution, Mo-ravia
Description The inventory of remnants of the pre-industrial cultural landscape in Moravia was carried out in 2016-2020 in 3075 cadastral areas. By comparing the current land use structure on a recent orthophotomap using the area according to the cadastral mapping map from the 1820s-1830s, more than 1100 areas with a similar appearance to almost 200 years ago were identified. The inventory results were compared with regional and local terrain conditions. In the past, land use with narrow strips of fields prevailed, with addition of aristocratic estates. Only 96 segments of the ancient cultural landscape have been preserved in the region of plains. Of these, only 73 are located in a horizontal terrain (outside the local slopes with above 3°). It is therefore clear that the plains of Moravia have suffered the most from all regions by homogenizing land use by merging into large monotonous blocks of arable land. In terms of the level of preservation of the ancient land use structure, 16 remnants of the ancient landscape with the predominance of large-scale use on the former large estates are in the best condition in the plains. Only 12 areas show exceptionally good preservation of the division of land into small plots. Also of these 12 areas, only 7 are locally located in a flat environment. It can be assumed that these areas with a detailed division of land, perhaps already in the Middle Ages, represent a historical natural and cultural landscape heritage with a lot corresponding to protected buildings and areas of legally protected nature. These areas should be of interest and appropriate (preferably) voluntary forms of nature and landscape protection.

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