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Prezentace knihy: Smrtí smrt překonat. Relikvie a jejich moc ve středověku

Title in English Presentation of the Book: To Overcome Dying by Death. Relics and Their Power in the Middle Ages


Year of publication 2023
Type Popularization text
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description What could be more disgusting and distant to contemporary man than the worship of decomposed human remains? And yet it is a cult that binds continents together and is literally written into the DNA of our civilisation. How is this possible? And does a story seemingly so distant still have something to say to us today? This book explores death, the cult of dead “celebrities” and people’s relationship to them in the Middle Ages and on the threshold of modernity. It is not, however, an oppressive, gloomy or frightening book. On the contrary, Death in the Middle Ages glows with gold, silver and precious stones in the form of reliquaries, objects venerated across the centuries that still fascinate with their breathtaking quality.
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