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Biochemická a molekulární taxonomie grampozitivních koků izolovaných z kůže lam

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Title in English Biochemical and molecular taxonomy of gram-positive cocci isolated from llamas skin


Year of publication 2001
Type Conference abstract
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Description Macrococci are gram positive,catalase and oxidase positive cocci inhabiting skin of horses and ponnies. Their pathogenicity is unknown. The genus Macrococcus was earmarked from the genus Staphylococcus and described in 1998. Eight strains isolated from the skin of Lama glama breeded in the ZOO in Brno were described and characterized in this work. All strains studied were gram positive and catalase and oxidase positive, mostly orange-pigmented cocci. Their biochemical traits were in full agreement with the description of the genus Macrococcus. They differ from all hitherto described macrococci by their positive nitrate reduction,negative aesculin and DNA hydrolyses and negative glycerol acidification. The GC content of genomic DNAs were 45.1 - 52.2 %. Following molecular-genetic methods were done to clarify their taxonomic position: ribotyping,macrorestriction analysis and 16S rRNA gene sequencing. All phenotype and genotype analysis results obtained divided studied strains into two homegeneous groups and confirmed that they represent strains of the genus Macrococcus. Moreover,all strains were clearly dictiguished from all hitherto described macrococcal species. Our results imply that they represent two new species of the genus Macrococcus. This suggestion will be confirmed by DNA-DNA hybridisations. All strains studied were deposited in the Czech Collection of Microorganisms as Macrococcus sp. CCM 4808, CCM 4815.
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