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Rhodococcus opacus J3 - the bacterium degrading nitroaromatic compounds

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Year of publication 2002
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference 12th internationl biodeterioration and biodegradation symposium (bisosorption and biodremediaton III )
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Field Microbiology, virology
Keywords Rhodococcus opacus; nitroaromatic compounds; degradation
Description Nitroaromatic compounds are released into the environment trough their wide use as dyes, plasticizers, pesticides, explozives and solvents. The presence of the nitro group causes such compounds to be more resistant to biodegradation than the unsubstituted analogs.The rhodococci have attracted and increased interest in the biochemical and genetical characterization of their metabolic capabilities, based on their ability to transform or degrade diverse classes of mainly hydrophobic substances. Rhodococcus opacus J3 is capable to degrade nitroaromatic compounds.This strain was isolated from soil by selectively enrichment with 4-nitrocatechol in mineral medium. Rhodococcus opacus J3 is gram-positive, strict aerobic bacterium who exhibit a typical rod-coccus cycle.This bacterium was identified as Rhodococcus opacus on the base of morfology, physiology, biochemical characterization, whole cell fatty acid composition and determination of partial sequence of genes for 16S rRNA. Biodegradation of 9 nitroaromatics was tested.We determined degradation of 5 substrates:4-nitrocatechol, 4-nitroguaiacol, 5-nitroguaiacol, 3-nitrophenol and 2,4-dinitrobenzoic acid. We tested degradation in concentration range from 0,025 mM to 0,1 mM. We did not determine degradation of 2-nitrophenol, 4-nitrophenol, 4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrobenzoic acid and 2,3-diphluoro-6- nitrophenol. Concentration of nitroaromatics and nitrites released were measured spectrophotometricaly. Degradation of substrates was confirmed by HPLC. The process of degradation was monitored on automatic microbiological system Bioscreen C.
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