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Zdravá záda-nezbytný předpoklad zdravé výuky.

Title in English Health back - necessary condition for quality teaching.


Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Sborník z celostátní konference s mezinárodní účastí XXXIII. Ostravské dny dětí a dorostu.
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Field Pedagogy and education
Keywords back; spinal column ; defect; excercises; muscle ; prevention
Description One of the main health hazards of pedagogical process is a lack of exercises. Both pupils and teachers are endangered. Present lifestyle and a lack of movement activity contribute significantly to the development of poor posture especially at children during compulsory school attendance.Child presents intensively growing and developing organism with essential need of movement. Children at school are endangered by immobilisation, formation of unsuitable movement habits and increased static load. Also long sitting at home (homework, work on computer and playing computer games, watching TV, video) brings heightened probability of emergence of problems with spine. The situation is complicated by ergonomically unsuitable school furniture, muscular imbalance, obesity and one-sided overloading. Parents and pedagogues should guide children to regular varied movement activities and support their appropriate living habits. School should explain them importance of movement, arrange suitable use of classes and breaks, study groups, after-school activities and guide to right posture.Our research at schools, aimed at spine defects, signs not very good situation in this area both in the field of posture failures or arising spine defects and in pedagogues awareness of the problem. Furthermore, the timely prevention and remedial measures before organic damage of locomotive apparatus restore balance in system of health quality, improve quality of life and allow greater well-being during learning and at work. Economical consequences are also significant, e.g. lower medicine usage and expenses on medical benefits, fewer days on medical benefit, quicker return to an active life, etc.
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