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Charon Extension Layer - Universal Toolkit for Grid Applications and Computational Jobs Maintenance



Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Proceedings
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Faculty of Science

Description This contribution describes Charon Extension Layer (CEL) system - a universal framework creating a layer upon the basic Grid middleware environment and making an access to the complex Grid infrastructure much easier compared to the native middleware. The CEL system unifies the variability in Grid middleware (PBS, LCG/gLite, etc.) allowing transparent access to distinct Grids. Moreover, the CEL system offers easy access and utilization of heterogeneous Grids in a unique, easy and smoothly integrated way. Charon Extension Layer toolkit provides a command-line oriented interface and is supposed for users that require a full control over their running computational jobs. CEL system provides uniform and modular approach for (complex) computational jobs submission and management and forms a generic system for the use of application programs in the Grid environment independently of Grid middleware present at specific fabric infrastructure. CEL can be easily used for powerful application management enabling single/parallel execution of computational jobs without the job script modification. Simultaneously, standard job management involving easy job submission, monitoring, and result retrieval can be performed without any additional hassle or requirements on users. Here we present a new implementation of the high-level middleware core services provided by CEL. Specific parts of the system were rewritten to enable new set of features to be available for end users utilization. First of all, present version of CEL is capable to provide multi-Grid approach (through so-called "sites") that makes everyday Charon utilization much more comfortable. Moreover, several further enhancements as inclusion of different data transfer synchronization modes, deeper personalization of the user's Charon environment, guided handling of grid middleware error states, module name completion, and others are included too. Currently CEL system is successfully used for end users research work within the application-generic Virtual Organization for Central Europe (VOCE) Grid infrastructure, part of the EGEE II Grid.
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