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Unambiguous coherent state identification: Searching quantum database

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Year of publication 2007
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Physical Review A
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Faculty of Informatics

Field Informatics
Keywords quantum information processing; unambiguous state identification; quantum search
Description We consider an unambiguous identification of an unknown coherent state with one of two unknown coherent reference states. Specifically, we consider two modes of an electromagnetic field prepared in unknown coherent states |alpha_1> and |alpha_2>, respectively. The third mode is prepared either in the state |alpha_1> or in the state |alpha_2>. The task is to identify (unambiguously) which of the two modes are in the same state. We present a scheme consisting of three beamsplitters capable to perform this task. Although we do not prove the optimality, we show that the performance of the proposed setup is better than the generalization of the optimal measurement known for a finite-dimensional case. We show that a single beamsplitter is capable to perform an unambiguous quantum state comparison for coherent states optimally. Finally we propose an experimental setup consisting of 2N-1 beamsplitters for unambiguous identification among N unknown coherent states. This setup can be considered as a search in a quantum database. The elements of the database are unknown coherent states encoded in different modes of an electromagnetic field. The task is to specify the two modes that are excited in the same, though unknown, coherent state.
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