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Sociální determinanty vzdělávání - Orbis scholae 1/2009

Title in English Orbis Scholae 1/2009: Social determinants of education


Year of publication 2009
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Faculty of Education

Description Monothematical issue of Orbis Scholae: Editorial: Social determination of education (Jiří Němec, Kateřina Vlčková). Studies: Education, devaluation of cultural capital and social reproduction. A comparison between Bourdieu and Willis (Solvejg Jobst, Jan Skrobanek). Ideology of naturalness as a barrier of getting over social inequalities in education (Lucie Jarkovská). Social-economical and cultural background of pupils and the growing role of women in the society as two important social determinants of school education in Germany (Věra Ježková). Novice teachers as informants about school climate from the point of view of three methods (Stanislav Ježek). Primary school websites as an indicator of school social environment (Jan Mareš, Josef Lukas). School for all – seeking out students in risk of behavioural disorder in school environment (Věra Vojtová). Social and cultural determinants and strategies of Romany pupils education (Jiří Němec). Reports: Center for Basic Research on Schooling (LC06046): Report on the research progress in 2008 (Eliška Walterová). Conference ECER 2008 (Veronika Najvarová, Petr Najvar). Conference „Curriculum and textbooks from the point of view of educational research“ (Petr Knecht, Tomáš Janík). Conference „Education, equity and social justice“ (Marie Doskočilová). 16. conference of Czech Association of Educational Research (CERA) (Kateřina Vlčková). Reviews: Ježková, V.; Kopp, B.; Janík, T.: School education in Germany (Vladimír Jůva).
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