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Year of publication 2009
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Description The Tachinidae is a family of Calyptrate flies that includes over 9,000 species throughout the World, being richest in the Neotropical Region (OHara 2008). About 900 species from 278 genera are listed from Europe (Tschorsnig et al. 2007). Most adult Tachinidae (Fig. 24) are small to large-sized parasitoids (3-18 mm) that occur near their hosts habitats, often observed individually at forest margins, meadows, xerothermic habitats, etc. In better conserved sites more tachinid species occur. Data on host preferences for 149 species from the neighbouring Czech Republic (i.e. about one third of Czech tachinid fauna) have been recently published (cf. Vaňhara et al. 2009). More information about larval host preferences can be found in Herting (1960) or Tschorsnig and Herting (1994). Only 20 species of Tachinidae were previously listed from the Polana PLA-BR (cf. Čepelák 1986). The current project raises the total number to 86 (nine of the previously recorded species were not found). Rondania dimidiata (Meigen, 1824) is newly added to the fauna of Slovakia bringing the total number of recorded species in this country up to 437 (cf. Vaňhara and Tschorsnig 2006).
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