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Taxonomicky a molekulárně zajímavé cyanoprokaryoty rodu Petalonema

Title in English Cyanoprokaryotes of genus Petalonema – taxonomically and molecularly tagged interesting creatures

UHER Bohuslav CHRÁST Lukáš

Type Conference abstract
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Faculty of Science

Description The present study focuses on morphological and molecular variation of natural population of genus Petalonema in comparison to clones growing under laboratory conditions and to published data. In particular, the development of the preferred main diacritical taxonomic features is interesting to observe , from the thirst description of Berkeley 1833 to the last of Komárek & Anagnostidis (1989). Berkeley (1833) stressed the branching, filament lined by lamella, and structure of the envelopes (Petalonema alatum), Komárek & Anagnostidis (1989) stressed the type of heterocytes, type of branching (asymmetric), wide apex of filament and structured sheath and consequently the genus Petalonema became an independent taxon in the subfamily Tolypotrichoideae of the Microchaetaceae. This relatively complicated history of the taxonomy of the the genus Petalonema motivated me to do a comparative study based on cultivation and the use of statistical methods to illustrate some suggestions on often discussed diacritical features. Financial support for this study was provided by the Funding of Ministry of Education of Czech Republic; project No. MSM0021622416.
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