Why work at MUNI?

Everyone has unique priorities; each of us searches for a job based on different criteria. However, we believe there are certain criteria that unite us all. And we are confident that you'll find them all here.

Work that makes a difference

Everyone discusses the importance of meaningful work, but at MUNI, we take it a step further. We're not just about education; we conduct world-class research. Any one of you can be a part of this exciting journey. Whether you're in medicine, natural sciences or the humanities, working as a researcher, in a support role, as a project manager or as an IT specialist, MUNI offers a place for you to contribute and grow.

Ideas matter

In the realms of science and education, mindful engagement is crucial. We not only welcome your ideas at MUNI but are committed to utilizing them. Whether your thoughts are about research, teaching or enhancing the operations of our labs and the university itself, each idea is valued and has the potential to make a significant impact.

We're ahead

At the forefront of Czech higher education, MUNI leads with innovation. We're not just embracing technology; we're revolutionizing it. Moving beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar model, we champion digitalization and sustainability as our core strategies.

We push further

MUNI has undergone significant transformation. In recent years, we have modernized the majority of our historic campuses, constructed a state-of-the-art campus in Bohunice, and established a unique simulation centre for medical training adjacent to it. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing additional new campuses. This is an environment where you'll want to build your career

Creating an environment for people

At our institution, individuals are more than just numbers or entries on a spreadsheet. Our commitment to our employees has earned us numerous awards. We understand the importance of balancing work with personal life and are dedicated to maintaining this equilibrium.

Stability and reputation

MUNI is not just a brand, it's a symbol of excellence. As one of the largest employers in the South Moravian Region, we stand out for our enduring presence and respect in the community. Our team members tend to stay with us for the long haul, a testament to our supportive environment. This is a source of pride for us, and we are committed to preserving this legacy.

Benefits – big and small

While meal vouchers and sports cards are common offerings, we go beyond the basics. Our additional benefits include free vaccinations, discounted language and educational courses, psychological counseling, access to libraries and entry to various events. These perks are part of our commitment to the well-being and continuing development of our employees.

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