CzechMates Programme 

CzechMates is a unique programme that offers opportunities for educational growth and professional development through internship both as part of your study abroad experience.



About CzechMates Programme

The CzechMates semester programme (offered annually; Spring/Autumn semesters) is a 13-week program running from the middle of September until the latter part of December and again, from the middle of February until the latter part of May. As a unique programme, CzechMates offers an unmatched opportunity for educational growth and professional development both as part of your study abroad experience.

We utilize tailored coursework, extensive and integrated internship prospects, excursion opportunities as well as applied educational mentoring (by an award-winning American professor) throughout the programme to provide students with an exceptional study abroad experience producing vital and measurable outcomes in terms of their intercultural, personal and professional competencies.

More information can be found here or contact the CzechMates Programme administrator.

The CzechMates programme is also offered as a summer school, starting in mid-May and continuing until August. For more information look here.

Housing and meals

Students have access the university's dormitories sharing double rooms with Czech or other foreign students. They have access to university computer centres, sports facilities, canteens and laundries. Find more information about dormitories here (for pricing and room descriptions) or in the International Student Guide (on how to get MU accommodation, how to get to the residences,…).

Programme details

The CzechMates programme comprises coursework centered on holistically developing student competencies (personal and professional) related to critical thinking, international communication (broadly-defined) and intercultural collaboration.
Course options are aligned within the following disciplinary trajectories:

1. Globalization studies

Globalization/Media/Culture – this course provides an in-depth overview of contemporary topics and subject matter that links students’ personal and professional identity to a broader understanding of global processes as they link to local, regional, national, and international concerns. CzechMates program participants will take this course in association with Masaryk University students from a range of countries, capitalizing on the opportunity for a deeper engagement (through grounded dialogues, collaborative groupwork and experiential learning) to more effectively foster the cross-cultural acumen of all participants therein.

2. Elective courses

Students choose 1-2 more courses (which must be approved) at Masaryk University related to their major and internationalization as they intersect the Central European context from a variety of disciplines including Media Studies, Business, History, Political Science, Agricultural Sciences, Kinesiology, International Relations, etc. Check course options in the Catalogue.

3. Language

Czech Language (may not count for credit at some home institutions)

4. Internships

Internships (approx. 15 hours/week; 200 hours across the semester), supplemented with a mentoring seminar which meets weekly. More details can be found in the section dedicated to Internships.

Internships are an integral part of this programme. What does a CzechMates internship entail?

  • 200 hours total/semester = internshipmentored seminar
  • Varied internship sites are open in the following disciplines/areas including: Advertising, PR, Strategic Communication, Journalism, Social Justice, Arts, Fashion, Sports Communication, IT, Business, Marketing, International Relations, Agricultural/Food Sciences, Environmental/Sustainability Issues, Public Policy, Practical Research (Kinesiology/Exercise/Aging)
  • Site options vary by semester. Please contact us directly to discuss how your interests and professional goals can match up with the specific internship options we offer.

Internships within the CzechMates program provide an important extra avenue to extend the practical learning capacities of the participants. Internships can be done for credit (or not), and involve local, regional, and international organizations across a spectrum of interests, including media companies, sports teams, IT start-ups, public administration offices, (NGO’s and social justice organizations, as well as city/university appointments), research labs, and entrepreneurial hubs.

These internships provide engaged, meaningful and applied work experience through activities that nurture student understanding not only of skills particular to their area of study and educational goals but also related to intercultural communication in real-world professional settings. Moreover, the students produce real deliverables – utilizing their skills as native English speakers — that can tangibly underscore and showcase (on the web, in a portfolio, etc.) their educational growth.

Furthermore, student participation in a concurrent seminar linked to their internship experience serves to nurture their capacities to both more constructively reflect upon it and more effectively articulate an enhanced understanding of what they learned – e.g. in future interviews and job placement materials – as part of their evolving professional development and career placement strategies.

Internship examples:

  • Czech Television
  • Kyndryl (formally IBM)
  • KBC
  • HC Liberec (Premier League Hockey Club)
  • Moravian Gallery
  • Brno Expat Centre
  • Frank Bold (Environmental Law Firm/NGO)
  • Nadace Partnerstvi (Environmental NGO)

What are ECTS?

ECTS are the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, i.e. the way credits are awarded within Europe. The conversion from ECTS credits to your home institution's credit system is defined by your home institution. Please refer to your Study Abroad Advisor for detailed information.

Application & tuition fees


The application form is available online. Choose the CzechMates programme.

The application process for the CzechMates programme operates competitively on a rolling basis. Students should be in touch with Michael Elavsky,, during the application process about their internship interests. Notifying us of your intent to apply is the first step, as it can increase your chance of acceptance.


  • Current enrolment at an institution of higher education
  • For US students, the minimum grade point average (GPA) requirement is 3.00 overall.
  • Completion of a minimum of 2 semesters at undergraduate level
  • Minimum level B2 English language proficiency or above. Example of minimum requirements: TOEFL iBT 79, IELTS 6, Cambridge B2 First (FCE), or comparable certification

Application requirements

Application deadline:

  • Autumn semester: April 1
  • Spring semester: October 1

Documents required for online application:

  • A passport sized picture
  • Scan of passport or other ID documents
  • The transcript of records
  • Motivation outlining internship interests
  • CV or resume
  • proof of current degree in English/Evidence of minimum level B2 English language proficiency or above for non native speakers

Tuition and fees:

Tuition and fees: home university pays

If you will be paying for your study abroad experience first to your home university, please consult with your home university how much your tuition costs will be. This varies by home university, and the cost is determined not by Masaryk University, but by your home university.

All students pay directly for the accommodation and meals - see estimated costs below.

Tuition and fees: student pays directly

If you will be paying for your study abroad experience directly to Masaryk University, the following tuition and fee rates applies. 

  • Tuition and internship fees total: 11,200
  • Other surcharges: 200 (including Orientation Week fee, ISIC card fee, Czech language crash course)

Estimated additional costs (per semester)

  • Room: €1,200
  • Meals: €1,200
  • Insurance: €450
  • Airfair round-trip: €1,500 (from USA/Canada)
  • Additional personal expenses: €500
  • TOTAL approximately: €4,850

Included in tuition and fees

  • Orientation Week (social and cultural activities and Czech Language course)
  • Czech Language course
  • ISIC card (required of all students)
  • International Student Club Membership (ESN)
  • Czech SIM Card
  • Cultural and Social activities
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Buddy Program
  • 24-hour emergency phone
  • Access to full university course offer (hundreds of courses)
  • Internship placement, mentoring, and hands on approach
Non-european students

Non-european students and information about visa

The Czech Republic requires non EU citizens to apply for a student visa for all studies over 90 days. Once the application deadline has closed, and students are accepted into the programme, Masaryk University sends the proof of accommodation and the document of the purpose of stay. Originals of these documents are required for applying for the visa. We encourage all students to research the visa requirements and understand the process and to apply as quickly as possible.

Students must have valid passports at the time of applying for the visa, and in most cases submit their passport with the visa application, so the visa sticker can be added.

The standard processing time for student visas is 60 days AFTER the application has been received. However, we encourage students to give themselves 90 days, so as to not be stressed waiting for their visa to arrive.

For example:

  • Flying out 1 September? Apply by 1 June.
  • Flying out 1 February? Apply by 1 November.
After acceptance

After acceptance

Students will be contacted by our Welcome Office regarding the following topics:

  • Visa application and process (if necessary - apply 60-90 days prior to planned arrival, information provided after acceptance)
  • Course registration (signup is roughly 1-2 months before the semester start)
  • Accommodation registration (signup is roughly 1-2 months before the semester start)
  • Student buddy sign up (signup is roughly 1 month before the semester start)
  • Orientation Week (signup is roughly 1 month before the semester start)

In the meantime students can review the International Student Guide for more information.

Prior to arrival, students should work with Michael Elavsky on their internship placements. 

Orientation Week

The orientation week program includes an intensive "survival Czech" course, introductory talks on Czech culture and society, a tour of Brno and visit to the city museum, a reception bringing together international and Czech students as well as Masaryk University faculty, and excursions to the surroundings of Brno. More details about MU Orientation Week. Orientation week fees are included in the programme fees.

Programme dates

Application deadlines:

  • Autumn semester: April 1
  • Spring semester: October 1

Academic Calendar:

The official dates are below, however in most cases, students are able to take their exams before the Christmas holidays in the case of the fall semester, and by the end of May in the case of the spring semester. Please note - it is the students responsibility to confirm this with teachers during the first week of classes, if the exam dates are later in the syllabus.

Autumn semester 2023
Accommodation from 7 Sept 2023
Official arrival date 10 Sept 2023
ADMISSION (compulsory)
for new students
11 Sept 2023
Orientation Week 10 to 16 Sept 2023
Autumn semester 18 Sept to 22 Dec 2023
Exam period 2 Jan to 16 Feb 2024
Accommodation to 16 Feb 2024
Spring semester 2024
Accommodation from 8 Feb 2023
Official arrival date 11 Feb 2024
ADMISSION (compulsory)
for new students
12 Feb 2024
Orientation Week 11 to 17 Feb 2024
Spring semester 19 Feb to 24 May 2024
Exam period 27 May to 5 July 2024
Accommodation to 5 July 2024

* dates for 2024/2025 academic year will be released by early 2024.

More information can be found in our International Student Guide here

Students experience

“By the end of my internship I had learned a great deal about both my new colleagues and friends and myself, and it was difficult to imagine a better way to have spent a semester. Though my options for studying abroad had been virtually limitless, I realized after closing out my time in the Czechmates program that really there had only been one option all along – and it certainly proved to be the right one.”

Faith G.
Penn State University, USA

I’ve been afforded an amazing opportunity to continue building my expertise in corporate responsibility and it is 100% thanks to my experience in CzechMates. Thinking retrospectively, I am still awestruck in how perfectly this semester aligned with my goals as a professional and as an adventurer. I lived in Brno with active presence, honest engagement, and openness in all aspects, and feel like I had a truly full experience. I’m moving on humbled and grateful for it all, and with full faith that I will one day return to this place, as well as see the people who made it so meaningful. Díky moc, Brno a CzechMates.

Alex J.
Juniata College, USA

“Spending the spring semester of 2019 in Brno was a life-altering experience. To live in a place that does not speak your language, with a university that is very different from your own, working on an internship that is anything but conventional is a hard stack of challenges to face. Upon reflection, the positives of this experience show in full detail just how valuable the CzechMates program is for students like myself, offering great potential for personal growth.”

Ryan F.
SUNY Oswego, USA

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