Ethical principles: Our foremost priority

At Masaryk University, our mission extends beyond academia. We, along with every member of our academic community, are dedicated to upholding democratic, moral, and ethical values. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive framework of both formal and informal norms. These guide our operations and interactions within MU and extend to our external engagements, ensuring integrity in all we do.

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Academic integrity: A core value, not just a concept

At Masaryk University, academic integrity is fundamental. We expect every member of our academic community to embody honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility, both on and off campus. The MU Ethics Committee diligently oversees adherence to these principles, ensuring that academic integrity is upheld in all our endeavors.

Code of ethics

Fostering a safe and inclusive environment

At Masaryk University, our commitment to safety and inclusivity is unwavering. We maintain a strict policy against discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and all forms of inappropriate behavior. Should you feel that your rights or those of someone else have been compromised, we encourage you to reach out to our Ombudsperson. Additionally, we offer comprehensive psychological and academic counseling services to both students and staff, ensuring support and guidance are always accessible.

Protection of rights

Upholding research and publishing ethics: A fundamental practice

At Masaryk University, adherence to ethical standards in research and publishing is intrinsic to our operations. The Research Ethics Committee vigilantly ensures compliance with these standards, particularly in research involving human subjects. Additionally, we are firmly committed to preventing publications in predatory journals, maintaining the integrity and credibility of our scholarly work.

Pioneering ethical AI use in education

At Masaryk University, we embrace the challenges posed by new technologies. Our focus is on the ethical, creative, and safe integration of AI tools into our educational framework, setting the standards for their responsible use.

More on AI usage

Zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating

Masaryk University is the leader in battling plagiarism and contract cheating. Our in-house developed electronic tools for detecting plagiarism are not only a testament to our commitment, they are also widely adopted by many universities across the country.

How to avoid plagiarism

Ensuring equality of opportunity: Our core principle

Ensuring equality of opportunity: Our core principle

A university is more than just its facilities; it's fundamentally about the people who bring it to life. At Masaryk University, our mission centers on creating a fair, transparent, and equal environment for everyone. To achieve this, we have established an Equal Opportunity Panel and adopted a comprehensive Gender Equality Plan, reinforcing our commitment to inclusivity and equity.

Building a sustainable future through ethical action

Building a sustainable future through ethical action

At our university, we recognize our significant role in society, a role we embrace as a fundamental commitment. Our volunteers actively extend help wherever it's needed. We enrich the community with a diverse range of cultural and scientific events. Acknowledging the challenges of the future, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint. To this end, sustainability is intricately woven into all facets of our work, reflecting our dedication to responsible and ethical practices.

Sharing expertise for collective growth

Sharing expertise for collective growth

As an engaged member of the European Network for Academic Integrity and the Academic Ethics project, our university actively exchanges knowledge and experiences with top European and Czech universities. A prime example of our outreach is in Georgia, where we are instrumental in establishing a framework for quality research and academic integrity at nine local universities.

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