Security & Strategic Studies

“The (in)secure world requires strategical action.”

Admission to Bachelor' s and long-cycle Master's degree programmes in 2020/2021
Submission deadline until midnight 29 Feb 2020

Degree programme specification

The study of security and strategic studies at the bachelor level enables students to identify and to understand the main problems and topics of contemporary approaches to security and strategy. In the course of the study, the main fields of interest of the discipline are introduced, history of military and internal security are clarified, and most importantly, the current security threats and risks, as well as analysis of various political approaches to their solutions are introduced. The methodological part of the study contributes significantly to students’ and graduates’ ability to study, clarify and manage security challenges of today’s world. An important cross-cutting part of the study is education in the field of work with information sources, work with information from security environment, and elaboration of written outputs within the discipline.

Faculty Faculty of Social Studies
Type of study bachelor's
Mode full-time
Standard length of studies 3 years
Language of instruction czech
Results of entrance exams from previous years here

Work experience

At the bachelor level, it is possible to choose an optional course BSS 184 Security internship. Within this course students can undergo an internship in a security-oriented institution.

Graduate destination

Graduates of the Security and Strategic Studies will have a wide range of job possibilities in security services (army, police, intelligence), at all levels of public administration (e.g. as experts on security in regional institutions, ministries etc.), in security consulting (as expert political advisors in the field of security), in economic sector (as security experts in companies which need security-political analyses due to the nature of their trade or due to the regions in which they operate), in humanitarian non-governmental organizations (as security experts of organizations operating in risk regions, or those focusing on solution of security threats), in media sphere (as security experts in various type of media) ets. The course of the study is conceptualized in a way required by the Common minimum for the needs of education of experts on security, as approved by the Resolution No. 32 of the National Security Council from 3rd July 2007.

Study options

Combined studies

Further studies

Graduates of the bachelor study program can (after meeting the requirements of admission) continue in a follow-up master degree in the Security and Strategic Studies at the Faculty of Social Studies.

Further information


Admission to Bachelor' s and long-cycle Master's degree programmes in 2020/2021
Submission deadline until midnight 29 Feb 2020

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