Donald Knuth, Dana Scott – Turing Prize Laureates in Brno

We cordially invite you to meet two legends of Computer Science, professors Donald Ervin Knuth and Dana Stewart Scott, in Brno. Both are holders of ACM Turing prize (1974 resp. 1976), both were professors of the Computer Science at Stanford in late sixties, and both will come to Brno, a place linked to Kurt Gödel or Gregor Johann Mendel, at the same time!

Oct 8th, 14:00, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, lecture hall D1. Q&A session by Donald Knuth: Computer Programming as Art – Views and responses to any related question and comments

Oct 9th, 12:30, Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, lecture hall D3+D1. Q&A session by Donald Knuth: Boundless Interests – Computer programming is an art form, like the creation of poetry or music

Oct 9th, 16:30, Masaryk University's Mendel Museum, Augustinian Abbey Refectory at Mendel's Square, Brno.Lecture by Dana Stewart Scott: Enumeration Operators, Probability, Type Theory

Oct 11th, 19:00, Brno, Jesuit Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Multimedia performance of oratorium Fantasia Apocalyptica.

Free admission is for all events, given room capacity. Take your seats well in advance, please.
Do not miss this extraordinary possibility to see and talk to legends of Computer Science!

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