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Recent karst processes: speleothem destruction

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1/2003 - 12/2005
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
Speleothem; Karst environment; Human impact; Carbonate equilibrium; Drippnig waters

Some negative processes appeared in karst areas during last decades. Particularly, a spontaneous destruction of fine speleothems (breaking and falling of straw stalactites and as if the corrosion of “cave curtains“) worries speleogists and ecologists. There exist amounts of hypothesis, assumptions, and speculations trying to explain these processes. Despite significant research activities and many preliminary studies, the problem is definitely not solved. The topic question remains whether the destruction phenomena are connected with anthropogenic activities or whether are natural. To understand all aspects of these processes, there is needed an extended, long-range and systematic study. The goal of the submitted project is (1) conforming or disproving of the hypothesis about running of straw stalactite corrosion (2) verifying whether this process also operated in the past (3) finding a potential anthropogenic impact and proposing its minimization (4) suggesting of alternative explanation if any anthropogenic impact will not proved. The project is designed as (a) a basic research aiming at better understanding of recent karst processes (b) an applied research leading to better conservation and preservation of karst areas, caves and its partial components.    


Total number of publications: 10

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