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Dynamic Geovisualisation in Crises Management

Project Identification
Project Period
1/2005 - 12/2011
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Science
emergency management, cartographic geovisualization, adaptive cartography, data harmonisation

The objective of the project is creation of a standard digital cartographic infrastructure for dynamic visualization of geospatial data for provision of mobile services (based on the mobile Internet, mobile telephony, etc.) in crisis management.
provision of support for interoperability of existing databases · mapping of existing databases and their accessibilities · evaluation of their quality, reliability, and indeterminacy of recorded values · positional harmonization (reference bases, positional generalization scheme) · harmonization of resolution levels (thematic generalization scheme) · design and creation of cascade interface for the identified databases · data mining
proposal for creation of new databases for provision of crisis management · hierarchical plan of extending the existing system of databases taking into account financial demands on creation of new databases and level of improvement of models
design of real-time models (descriptive and simulations) for dynamic visualization of spatial patterns derived from database entries
design of gradually improving models with regards to reaction time
creation of a diagram of reaction times in the moment of crisis situation
comparison of existing models and possibilities of their phasing
implementation of new geostatistical methods into modelling for purposes of crisis management
space-time modelling
implementation of indeterminacies into models
implementation of indeterminacy with regards to quality of data
design of cartographic visualization of results including indeterminacy zones
design and implementation of cartographic infrastructure for mobile equipment used for design of user's interfaces of area-bound services of crisis management
generalization for cartographic visualization on small areas
design of properties of "intelligent maps" for crisis management
design of user-oriented cartographic symbols with perception verification used for individualization of the given visualization
use of non-visual tools for communication of cartographic representation of model on mobile equipment
implementation and design of cognitive localization for precision of data from geopositional systems
interactive modification of visualization for easier localization of displayed objects by the user
design of reference bases for cognitive localization
study of cognitive and decision-making processes in stress situations
influence of stress situations on interpretation of visual representation
interactive modification of visualization with regards to cognitive style of user


Total number of publications: 478

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