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Study of the reactivity of silyl-derivatives of linear diphosphazenes with halides - preparation of new inorg. heterocyclic comp. and their structure

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1/2005 - 12/2007
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science
inorganic heterocycles, crystal structure, ionic phosphasene

The examination of new methods for the preparation of inorganic phosphazene-type polyheteroatomic cycles, the structure and reactivity of which are an important part of the research as they update our information on the possibilities of the preparation,s tructure and reactivity, as well as on the optimisation and better effectiveness of the respective preparative methods. Polyheteroatomic molecules are interesting not only from the theoretical point of view owing to their structure and unusual bindingcon ditions, but also owing to their possible utilisation in the practice. In particular, they can be used as precursors for the preparation of high-refractory polymers, as selective toxic substances (herbicides, rodenticides, fungicides etc.). Thesesubstanc es are biodegradable and they do not accumulate in the environment. Their decomposition results in substances commonly used as fertilisers ((NH4)H2PO4 etc.). Our research work will be focused on the preparation of cyclic and acyclic substances


Total number of publications: 9

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