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A Novel Cation [N(SO2NMe3)2]+, its Synthesis and Crystal Structure. Dichloride of Imido-bis(sulfuric) Acid HN(SO2Cl)2. Part I. Crystal Structures of KN(SO2Cl)2 1/2 CH3CN, KN(SO2Cl)2 1/6 CH2Cl2 and [PCl4][N(SO2Cl)2].

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Year of publication 2006
Type Article in Periodical
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Faculty of Informatics

Field Inorganic chemistry
Keywords Novel Cation; Synthesis; Imido-bis(sulfuric) Acid; Crystal Structures
Description Several salts of bis(chlorosulfonyl)imide HN(SO2Cl)2 (1), namely two solvates of its potassium salt, KN(SO2Cl)2 1/2 CH3CN (1K1), KN(SO2Cl)2 1/6 CH2Cl2 (1K2), and tetrachlorophosphonium salt, [PCl4][N(SO2Cl)2] (2), were prepared and structurally characterized. The reaction of HN(SO2Cl)2 with Me3N gives the [N(SO2Cl)2]- salt of a novel cation, [N(SO2NMe3)2]+ .This cation is analogous to the [HC(SO2NMe3)2]+ cation but, in contrast to the latter, it is fairly stable to hydrolysis. The salt [N(SO2NMe3)2]+ [N(SO2Cl)2]- (3) can be converted into salts of other anions by its treatment with diluted aqueous solutions of the respective acids, and thus NO3-, Cl-.H2O, SeO32-, CH3COO-, HSO4-, (COO)22- salts were prepared. Treatment of 3 with concentrated HNO3 gave the [N(SO2NMe3)2]+ [O2NO-H-ONO2]- salt, and the addition of an HCl acidified FeCl3 aqueous solution yielded the FeCl4- salt. Methanolysis resulted in the formation of MeOSO3- and [MeOSO2NSO2OMe]- salts. All salts have been characterized by chemical analysis, vibrational spectroscopy, and X-ray structure determinations.
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