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Integration in Languages - Languages in integration

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1/2007 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
integration, disintegration, sociolinguistics, lexicology, phraseology, text models, syntax, Czech, German, English, Russian

Integration of languages and related issues have recently drawn the attention of both Czech and foreign scholars because this
phenomenon represents one of the external manifestations of the political and economic integration of societies using their particular
languages as tools for communication. The study of the processes usually concentrates on the issue of lexical borrowings. The current
project extends this topic by focusing on more subtle manifestations of various phenomena, such as semantic shifts of existing
expressions. the take-over and emulation of principles of metaphors, the adaptation of textual models, the process of stabilization (Or
loosening) of the standard language, as well as shared or analogical processes of development occurring in the systems of various
languages. For this reason, the project members include representatives of various philological disciplines. The proposed project is
based on the assumption that integration have different external (forma]) manifestations in different languages, such phenomena can
nonetheless be generalized in an effort to describe some of the tendencies affecting modem European languages.


Total number of publications: 106

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