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Theory and Methodology of the Study of Religions

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1/2007 - 12/2009
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Arts
Theory of the Study of Religionsm, Methodology of the Study of Religions, Cultural Sciences

This project will give an account of a general study of religion. In recent years, the theory and methodology
of the study of religion have become central issues in the discussions on the identity of the field as a scientific discipline. The nature of its research interests has been led by the methods of other sciences, such as
sociology, history, psychology, cultural anthropology, however, an autonomous theory of religion has not
been presented so far. Consequently, the study of religion has not been seen as interdisciplinary, but rather,
questioned in its independence. Since it has not been able to formulate valid and reliable procedures of its
own research, specify its subject matter on a verifiable theoretical basis, define its methods as well as prove
heir efficiency on its conclusions. The aim of this project is to critically examine what kind of science the
study of religion represents, what type of rationality it adopts, which rules can be regarded as general, necessary and valid for building up its innate scientific structure, forms of research, and its own language, i.e.
for the scientific behaviour of the study of religion as a whole. A theory of religion can therefore generate a conceptual understanding of the field and mainly become a theory of development and usage of a religious


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