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Project information
TWINFUSYON - Twinning for Improving Capacity of Research in Multifunctional Nanosystems for Optronic Biosensing (TWINFUSYON)

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1/2016 - 12/2018
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European Union
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Central European Institute of Technology
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National Center for Scientific Research
Johannes Kepler University Linz
National Research Council

The overarching aim of TWINFUSYON is to strengthen, to the highest European level, CEITEC scientific excellence and innovation capacity in nanosystems for a novel generation of label-free non-invasive optronic biosensing by harmonising integration of expertise in nanomaterials synthesis, characterisation at nanoscale, nanofabrication technologies, theory and modelling development, design of biosensors, which are the building blocks to innovate biosensing devices. To enhance CEITEC research capacity and improve staff’s research profile, TWINFUSYON establishes a platform around 4 pillars:

  • Science &Technology Pillar: Coordinating research on multifunctional nanomaterials to create a versatile label-free biosensing platform based on innovative ideas and advancement in the topics of:

(A) 2D-TMD heterostructures (graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides)-based optronic biosensors
(B) Plasmonic nanostructures-based enhanced SERS biosensors

  • Education Pillar: Supporting improvement in education and professional capacity, ensuring CEITEC regional leadership while moving towards the innovation- and intelligence-based economy
  • European Integration Pillar: Enhancing high-tech cooperation with industry and implementing best practices of twinning partners to improve technology innovation in optronic biosensing
  • Society Pillar: Raising awareness, disseminating information and promoting organisational practices to involve stakeholders in aspects of ethics, standardisation and technology transfer for exploiting nanosystems and biosensing devices.

The expected impact of the TWINFUSYON multidisciplinary partnership, which includes CNR, University of Linz and CNRS, is an increase in CEITEC research cross-fertilisation, visibility, societal/regional responsiveness and in innovation potential for the most advanced topics of optronic biosensing that can be exploited in a number of important areas including food safety, security, life science, medicine and environmental monitoring.


Total number of publications: 8

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