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Torts from the perspective of the private international law

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3/2008 - 12/2010
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Law
area of freedom, security and justice, tort, delict, non-contractual obligation, unification, harmonization, competence, regulation, directive, choice of law, unfair competition

International private law used to belong among static law disciplines. Pursuant to increasing globalization and the entrance of the Czech Republic to European Communities this branch of law is getting more important and the number of legal acts in the Community frame is increasing. Grant project is focused on solving question of
tort acts concerning collision, procedural and substantive issues. Project´s goal is to work in details with legal area which has been left out and untutored. Aim of project is to elaborate complete analysis of current and prepared legal acts; i.e. national, community and nternational; which unify collision and procedural tort law (in
sense of judicial competence to solve tort acts with international element). On the basis of analysis of particular legal acts and practice of courts the statements will be made. These statements will evaluate their complementarity or they will draw attention to disproportions of individual amendments (esp. collision and
procedural). Finally, recommendations for practice will be elaborated (business, judicial or legislative).


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