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Project information
Digitální únava očí v populaci mladých jedinců (DESIN)

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1/2018 - 12/2018
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Masaryk University
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Faculty of Medicine
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spectacle lenses, spherical lenses, aspheric lenses, spherical aberration, image distorsion, astigmatism of oblique rays, coma

Digital Eye Strain is actual topic today. Almost everyone spends most of their day working closely to PC. A large part of the population does not use the correct correction aid at that distance or does not use it at all. If an individual's visual apparatus does not work properly, a faster and more severe fatigue occurs when working in close proximity. In addition, regeneration is significantly prolonged. The aim of this study is to first demonstrate and diagnose disorders of simple binocular vision in a group of young individuals, but also to evaluate the effect of close-to-working and faults of simple binocular vision on individual fatigue.


In the first set of subjects, there was a statistically significant reduction in BAF and BVF using an addition and a relaxing prism. It has been shown that both additions and relaxing prisms do not have a positive effect on the growth of BAF and BVF. In the second set, subjects reached higher values of BAF and BVF with both types of KC compared to natural values. When comparing the two types of KC, the higher values of BAF and BVF were achieved for type 1, which was KC with addition.


Total number of publications: 6

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