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Project information
Curriculum Development: An Innovative Master in History and Archaeology (CUDIMHA)

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11/2018 - 7/2022
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European Union
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University of Roma Tre

The project aims at developing an International Master (First Level Master) of 60 ECTS in Valorisation of the Historical and Archaeological Heritage. The Master will be held in the third year of the project and will be completely funded by Erasmus+. It will host approximately 60 students from the universities involved in the project as partners, and it will be hosted in Tunisia. The Master is designed to be continued also after the project end as an International Joint Master. The Master will be taught in English and French. Students who want to attend the Master over the number funded by the project will be allowed to attend it at their own expenses.
The Master will be held in all the Tunisian universities which are partners in the project. It will be a blended course, teaching will be partially in presence and partially in e-learning. So the realisation of the Master will offer to the Tunisian universities an occasion for experiencing innovative methodologies in teaching with ICT.
The Master will also offer laboratories that will be taught in the main archaeological sites of Tunisia.
The ICT will be also integrated in all the courses of the master. For example, one of the courses might be about how to create QR codes and relative contents in order to enlarge the visitor experience when visiting a Tunisian archaeological site. QR codes are a low cost, low risk means of encouraging museums and archaeological sites to experiment with digital modes of communication to position themselves within the modern context of audience participation.
Another possibility would be teaching how to produce video contents about archaeological sites and how to subtitle videos in different languages.
From the linguistic point of view, the Master will offer the students the possibility of learning the micro-language of Archaeology in a multilingual way. In fact, during the preparation time (the first 2 years of the project) the consortium of all the Universities will create through the preparation of several corpora / data base (in French, English, Arab / Tunisian, Spanish, Italian), the lexicon and the typical dialogs which are related to the field of archaeology and to the visiting of archaeological sites.
All the outputs of the project (e.g. didactic materials) will be shared on a web site of the project and can be the starting point of a follow up focused on how to promote

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