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Dialog system for support of visually impaired programmers

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1/1999 - 1/2001
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Informatics

The main purpose of the project is a development of a dialog system for blind programmers allowing generating and editing source code with maximal prevention of syntactical ( and to some extent semantical ) errors. Systém will also ensure friendly enviro nment for blind programmers providing relevant information with full usage of acoustic possibilities ( earcons, audio glances, background sounds, environmental, etc.). Error prevention will be reached by an appropriate selection of the dialog protocol, w hich will come out as more or less free dialog from the view point of the user. The dialog is based on the natural speech communication which will be supported by the speech recognition system and speech synthesi considering to the large extent prosodic aspect of Czech language. The high quality prosodic properties of the speech synthesizer will contribute to faster and better information stream from a computer to a blind user.The system will also be complemented by the supporting routine library focuse


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