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Study of the molecular mechanisms of biodegradation reactions - construction of QSBR models and protein engineering of haloalkane dehalogenases

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1/1998 - 1/2000
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Czech Science Foundation
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Faculty of Science

The project is focused on biodegradation of the organic compounds by microorganisms. Fundamental mechanisms of the biodegradation reaction and the molecular level will be studied. The methods of Quantitative Structure-Biodegradability Relationships (QSBR ) a in vitro modifications of the proteins will be employed. These methods will be used to investigate the biological degradation of halogenated aliphatic compounds which belong to common groundwater and soil contaminants. Mathematical models serving for the predictions of biodegradability of halogenated compounds will be constructed within the project. These models can find their use in the Environmental Risk Assessment. Modification in the enzymes haloalkane dehalogenases will be proposed using the co mputer modelling. These modifications should lead towards better activity and/or broader specificity of the dehalogenating enzymes.


Total number of publications: 15

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