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Dehydratace nejen u seniorů, pitný režim, návrat k vodě

Title in English Dehydration not only in the elderly, drinking regime, return to the water


Year of publication 2012
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Medicína pro praxi
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Field Other specializations of internal medicine
Keywords drinking regime - mineral water - dehydratation - urine color
Description Some aspects of drinking regime are discussed – in healthy subjects, in chronic ill subjects, in seniors and younger persons as well. The importance of the thirst feeling as a late signal is stressed – if this feeling appears, the fluid deficit can be 700–900 ml. The attention is paid to composition of fluids suitable for long term maintenance of drinking regime. As a most suitable is considered water containing no more than 500 mg dissolved minerals per one liter. There are stressed risks of drinking of gased water from metabolic and quantitative point of view. Part of fluids used for drinking regime can be replaced by weak tea or diluted non unsweetened fruit juices. Drinkable tap water is a suitable source of fluids for drinking regime, but home pipeline and wells should be checked regularly as for microbiological and content safety. The monitoring of the urine color and keeping it light is possible to recommend as a tool of hydration evaluation.
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