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Vyhodnocení sběru epidemiologických dat u cévních mozkových příhod z registru IKTA. Incidence cévních mozkových příhod v okrese Zlín

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Title in English Evaluation of Epidemiological Stroke Data from the IKTA Register. Stroke Incidence in the Zlin District1210-7859


Year of publication 2013
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Česká a slovenská neurologie a neurochirurgie
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Faculty of Medicine

Field Epidemiology, infectious diseases and clinical immunology
Keywords stroke; epidemiology; incidence; registry
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Description Cerebrovascular disease is a global health issue. Stroke is a very common cause of death and leading cause of disability in adulthood. Objective: Therefore, the objective is to evaluate epidemiological data from the IKTA registry to inform health care planning. Methodology: The data entered in the IKTA registry in the Zlin district between January 2010 and December 2010 and between January 2011 and December 2011 for all hospitalized or outpatient patients with stroke have been analyzed. Results: According to the IKTA registry, the incidence of stroke for the Zlin district is 315 per 100 thousand inhabitants per year. Ischemic stroke constitutes 88% of all events, haemorrhagic stroke 12%. Recurrence rate for stroke was significantly higher than reported in the literature – 37.2% (2010) and 39.1% (2011). The predominant risk factors are arterial hypertension (87.9% for ischemic stroke and 96.1% for brain haemorrhage). Conclusion: Our analysis revealed that, in both time periods, the incidence of ischemic as well as haemorrhagic stroke in the Zlin district was lower than the incidence reported in published literature.
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