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Comparison of Psychometric Properties of Foreign Language Learner Strategy Inventories: SILL, LSUS, and LASSI in their Czech Adaptation



Year of publication 2013
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Description Foreign language learning strategies (FLLS) are an important concept in theory, research of second language acquisition, language learning and teaching. For measuring declared FLLS use, inventories based on previous inductive research from early stages of FLLS research were developed. This study compares psychometric qualities of 3 mainly used FLLS inventories: SILL – Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (Oxford 1990), LSUS – Language Strategy Use Survey (Cohen, Oxford, Chi 2002), and LASSI – Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (Weinstein, Schulte, Palmer 2002). These inventories were translated and adapted for Czech conditions (SILL: Vlčková 2007, LASSI: Hudečková 2012), one was partially standardized (LUSC: Vlčková, Přikrylová 2011). All three inventories were completed in a random order one week after each other by the same 126 students (17-18 years old) from upper secondary comprehensive schools in 2012. The FLLS use was x = 3.02 (SD = 0.41) for SILL on 5-point scale; x = 2.66 (SD = 0.31) for LSUS on 4-point scale; and x = 2.77 (SD = 0.28) for LASSI on 5-point scale. Regarding concurrent validity, the scores of strategy use of all three inventories were inter-correlated. The strongest correlation were between SILL and LSUS (R = 0.66). Reliability coefficient Cronbach s alpha reached an acceptable level for all the inventories: 0.91 for SILL (with 72 items), 0.91 for LSUS (89 items), and 0.82 for LASSI (80 items). The order of administration of inventories affected the reliability. Predictive power of the inventories for students achievement was the best at LASSI: Correlation of strategy use score with school mark was significant for all three inventories - positive for SILL (R = -0.20) and LSUS (R = -0.20), and negative for LASSI (R = 0.22) – students with worse marks used strategies more. Correlation of strategy score with self-assessment of the language competence were significant only for LASSI (R = 0.34), not for SILL and LSUS.
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