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Zasazení nových trestních opatření domácího vězení a zákazu vstupu na sportovní, kulturní a jiné společenské akce do koncepce řešení provinění mladistvých

Title in English Penal measures of hause arrest and prohibition of entering to sports, cultural and other social events within the conception of dealing with offences of juveniles


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Faculty of Law

Description The contribution deals with the penal measures of house arrest and prohibition of entering to sports, cultural and other social events. They were introduced into the system of penal measures by the amendment of the law on juvenile justice which came into effect on 1. 1. 2010 in connection with passing the criminal code which contains the general and subsidiary regulation of the conditions of imposition and execution of this penal measures in the form of punishments. The contribution focuses on the specifics of these conditions in case of juvenile offenders. New measures are examined with respect to their relation to conception of restorative justice which became the main philosophical basis of dealing with the offences of juveniles and children under 15 years because the degree of connection of this penal measures with restorative principles influences their future applicability. The contribution encompasses also the analysis of statistical data regarding the number and proportion of stated measures imposed by courts from 2010 to 2012.
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