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MIaS 1.5



Year of publication 2014
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Faculty of Informatics

Web Domovská stránka projektu, zdrojové kódy
Description A math-aware, full-text indexing based search engine that enables users to search for mathematical formulae inside documents. Search engine is unique because it is able to index and search structural information like representation of mathematical formulae. There is no other software or IR system that is able to store three billions of formulae in its index and search it with response time below a second. MIaS processes documents containing mathematical notation in MathML format. The system is built as an extension to any full-text indexing engine and has been verifiend on state-of-the-art Lucene core. It is scalable - it was verified to index almost whole (440,000 papers) having more than 160,000,000 formulae. Software is being used in EuDML ( and other digital libraries. For more details see papers in peer reviewed conferences: [1] Sojka, Petr; Líška, Martin. In Matthew R. B. Hardy, Frank Wm. Tompa. Proceedings of the 2011 ACM Symposium on Document Engineering. Mountain View, CA, USA : ACM, 2011. pp.57--60. [2] Sojka, Petr; Líška, Martin. In J.H.Davenport, W.M. Farmer, J.Urban, F. Rabe. Intelligent Computer Mathematics LNCS 6824. Springer, 2011, pp.228--243.
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