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Erupční cysty v dočasném chrupu

Title in English Eruption cysts in primary dentition


Year of publication 2014
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source LKS
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Medicine

Field ORL, ophthalmology, stomatology
Keywords eruption cyst; primary dentition; pre-eruptive complication
Description The eruption cyst is a form of odontogenic cysts accompanying eruption of primary or permanent teeth. Generally no treatment is necessary but parents may worry about their children’s health. We are reporting two cases of the eruption cyst in a 7-month old infant and 2 year-old boy. The eruption cyst was diagnosed on the basis of anamnesis and clinical examination. Both children referred to the Stomatological Clinic, St. Anne’s Faculty Hospital in Brno because of the presence of swelling on the alveolar ridge. In the period of primary teeth eruption all pre-eruptive and eruptive complications as bleeding into the dental follicle of the tooth bud, inflammation of mucosa overlaying the dental follicle, or dental follicle abscesses must be considered in the differential diagnosis. Ameloblastoma, one of the most serious diagnoses, must be excluded. In most cases, no treatment is indicated as the tooth usually erupts into the oral cavity, the follicle ruptures spontaneously and cyst disappears on their own.
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