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Single-cell analysis of long-range interactions of POU5F1 foci in hESC cells



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Description In the interphase nuclei, the chromosome territories are organized into the domains and chromatin loops. The chromatin loops are able to intermingle together to facilitate gene regulation in mutual nuclear sub-compartments. Stabilization of the genomic fibers in areas with increased transcription factors concentration also contributes to the high-order chromatin organization in the interphase nuclei. The communication between the chromatin regions mostly occurrs between the proximal genomic areas, but in some cases, the distal or the interchromosomal interactions were observed. Origin and the dynamics of those long-range genomic interactions are unknown. We are focused on the single cell analysis of long-range interactions with POU5F1(OCT4) gene in human embryonic stem cells (hESCs). According to the Chromatin Conformation Capture study (F. Gao, et al., Nature, 2013) we chose 5 candidates with distal interaction with POU5F1 gene. Fluorescent tagged probes (for the genomic regions that surrounded genes for POU5F1, MSX1, RARG, RUNX and TLE2) were used for visualization of genomic localization in the 3D fixed nuclei.
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