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Electrochemical Activity of Wedelolactone and Probing its Interaction with DNA Using Voltammetry at a Carbon Electrode



Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Electroanalysis
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Central European Institute of Technology

Field Electrochemistry
Keywords Wedelolactone; Electrochemistry; Graphite electrode; DNA; Doxorubicin
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Description Wedelolactone (WLA) is a polyphenolic coumestan derivative found in extracts of plants used in traditional medicine. Due to its cytostatic activity, WLA is one of natural compounds tested as potential anticancer drugs. In this work we for the first time studied electrochemical properties of WLA using cyclic (CV) and square-wave (SWV) voltammetry at the basal-plane pyrolytic graphite electrode. A reversible pair of peaks, corresponding to catechol/o-benzoquinone redox system, was observed using CV around 0.275V vs. Ag|AgCl|3M KCl reference electrode. Measurements of SWV signal of WLA in the presence of single- or double-stranded DNA suggested a weak interaction without evident preference for double-stranded DNA. An indirect assay, employing electroactive DNA intercalator doxorubicin as competitor, confirmed absence of intercalative DNA binding of WLA.

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