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„Z nejzazšího severu, ty i mnoho lidu s tebou, všichni jezdci na koních“. K možnostem geografických představ přemyslovského dvora ve druhé polovině 13. století

Title in English "Out of the north, you and many people with thee, all of them riding on horses." The possibilities of geographic concepts Premyslide Court in the second half of the 13th century

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Year of publication 2016
Type Chapter of a book
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Description In 1979 the American researcher Marvin L. Colker published a shorter text beginning with the words Incipiunt Descriptiones terrarum, which is part of a Latin manuscript no. 347 from the library of Trinity College in Dublin, originating in the late 13th century. This is not a com-plete, closed treatise, but most likely the introduction to a more comprehensive treatise on the Mongols, which has however not been preserved. The author describes the then known world, but with the emphasis on the landscape of northeastern Europe, the area of Prussia, Yotvingia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Livonia, recalling his participation in the crusade of King Premysl Ota¬kar II. in Sambia at the turn of 1254/1255 and the royal coronation of Mindaugas Lithuanian prince in 1253. It also describes the northwestern islands (Greenland and Iceland) and also with a certain probability “Vinland”, one of the eastern part of the North American subcontinent. Ac¬cording to the Polish scholar J. Wenta the author might be the minorita Bartholomew from Prague (from Bohemia), a missionary in the area of White Russia, Lithuania and Yotvingia and preacher of the cross in the Czech lands, Austria and Poland, who had become a missionary bishop of Lukow in the northeast of Cracow diocese won by the Templars; due to the resistance of the Teutonic Knights he was not chosen. It is likely that the writing was known at the court of the last Přemyslids. The author presents also the translation of the text into Czech.