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Portáši. Historie a tradice

Title in English The Portáš Corps. History and Tradition


Year of publication 2017
Type Monograph
Description Moravia and Silesia between 1638 and 1830. In addition to the history of the portáš corps, the circumstances of its establishment and other sub-themes, the author focuses on social aspects (socio-economic affiliation, social security instruments), links to the human environment (clothing, verb). Although the active portal service was terminated in 1830, the survival the portáš corps in local and regional verbal traditions and the influence on the formation of some elements of local and regional identity can be identified in subsequent years. The theme was also attractive for renowned artists, through which it became known for the choir to a wider awareness. In addition, a group of men from Valašská Bystřice and the current Wallachian Portáš Corps were devoted to the targeted cultivation of the land portals. All these topics are elaborated in the printed monograph and supplemented with rich visual material and map attachments.

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